Lego Chess Sets: From Buying Them to Making Your Own

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The Lego company has been making Lego chess sets for a long time, and they have created some truly amazing Lego chess boards with detailed pieces. But you might not be satisfied with those options or want something different from what is offered on the Lego website.

I will look at both of these options: Firstly some sets of lego that you can buy and build straight away.

Then we’ll take a look at making your own lego chess sets from pieces you may already own, and i’ll link you up to the best DIY lego chess set, step by step guide I have ever come across.

Buy a Lego Chess Set

Do you love Harry Potter and playing chess? Then this is the perfect gift for you!

  • – Exclusive Golden Severus Snape Minifigure
  • – Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess
  • – 876 Pieces Ages 10+
  • – For the chess enthusiast in your life!

This enchanting chess set from the wizarding world measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide and 10.5 in. (27 cm) deep.

You can play with your friends or family members as they come to visit during the holidays! It’s a great way to spend time together while having fun at the same time! 

Click the image to find out the current price direct from Lego today.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess Building Set 76392

Upgrade your chess set with this fantastic Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess from LEGO. This enchanting chess set from the wizarding world includes a golden Severus Snape minifigure to celebrate 20 years of magic with LEGO Harry Potter.

This enchanting chess set from the wizarding world measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide and 10.5 in. (27 cm) deep, features 876 pieces and is ideal for children ages 10+. Playset requires 2 x AAA batteries which are not included.

More Lego Chess Sets

To Buy a Lego chess set or to make one?

When it comes to having a lego chess set at home, you have choices. Lego sell chess set kits. They are not cheap but they are pretty impressive. Or if you have a huge box of Lego hanging around, and 16 Lego people of course, you could make your own!!

So now you have the choice, do you have enough Lego to make your own, or are you going to choose one of the set from above.

DIY Lego Chess Set

In terms of how much lego there is in the world, it is estimated, based on all-time sales of Lego, that if equally divided between every person on earth, everyone would have 86 pieces of lego each.

Not quite enough to make a full chess set on your own, but you don’t need many friends’ shares to create one.

By the way, whilst I am going to provide an outline to make your own chess set out of lego and the steps to take, in my research [ok I’m a bit of a Lego geek too and might have already known about this], there is one guide to making your own chess set from Lego that is better than any other I have ever come across.

The Board

You should already know that a chess board is made up of an 8×8 configuration of 64 squares.

Here you have a choice with your lego, but you are going to need at least a few flat pieces and it going to help if you use two colors, so that you get 32 squares each of each color.

The best way to get started is with a Lego baseplate, or a combination thereof to build upon.

You can either make a deep board with regular bricks and place smaller plates on top to hold everything together. If you do not have enough plates to cover the entire board then you can use a larger selection as a full base or as struts on the bottom of the bricks ensuring that you go all around the board so that it sits level and flat.

The great thing about a lego chess board is that there is no problem with pausing a game halfway through and picking it back up, hours, days, or even weeks later, the Lego chessmen can be fixed to the board – Lego genius right there!

The pieces

So now you have your board set up, you are going to need a minimum of 32 lego people to make all of the pieces in a chess set.

This is probably going to be the tricky bit.

Back in my day [Ahem, the 70’s], all lego people looked exactly the same, and I man you couldn’t tell one from another. It wasn’t all bad, you could get a felt tip pen, give them beards and glasses and it was great fun, and we thought we had gone to heaven when they started making different ones. Policeman, Fireman etc

Oh, how I would die to go back to those days. I want to make chessmen from Lego people now. You’ll have a job to find and buy to the same these days and in chess, you need lots of different ones

  • 8 x Pawns
  • 2 x Castles
  • 2 x Horses
  • 2 x Bishops
  • 1 x Queen
  • 1 x King

And then you’ve got to do it all over again in a different color!! Knightmare [pun intended!]

So 32 pieces required, all in all, 16 for each side, with 6 different pieces overall.

At this point, there is no advice I can give if you are going to use actual lego people. maybe you have a collection of lego stored away in a box somewhere. Go find how many you’ve got. If you’ve got enough and you can remember which one you are allocating to a chess piece, and tell them all apart, great – If not, and you need more pieces, the cheapest way to get lego men, is at a thrift store, second-hand sale, or you can buy random grab bags of lego people on Amazon.

If budget is not an issue [If you are a lego collector or chess set collector then probably not!], you could have something like Harry Potter as seen in the buy and build set above [ but you’ll be looking at toward $200 for the pieces alone!

But hey, what a chess set this is! In fact, the more I look at it and think about the more and more tempted I am to create this set!!

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