Wizard Star Wars Chess Sets: Milk Moofers have no Idea

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When it comes to the world of chess, there are few sets more iconic than those based on Star Wars. The stunningly detailed pieces and beautiful board designs make these set a must-have for any fan of the epic movie franchise, and they make the perfect gift for any chess lover out there. With Birthdays, maybe fathers day, or Christmas just around the corner now is the perfect time to get your hands on one of these amazing sets!

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Picture of one of the best star wars chess sets available

Cheapest Star Wars Chess Set

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A collectable and exclusive star wars chess set made from sculpted pewter

This one is on another level!

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I will take a look at these sets in a little more detail down the page, but for now, let’s take a look at who might be looking for a star wars chess set and what to look for and look out for.

Star Wars Chess Sets

Star Wars Chess Sets are a popular choice for gifts among chess lovers who are also star wars movie fans. These beautifully designed sets come with incredibly detailed pieces that will amaze any fan of the movie franchise. Whether you’re looking for a set to play with or one to display on your shelf, these sets are sure to please!

Star Wars Collectors Sets

Picture of Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Chess Set on a table

There are dozens of Star Wars Chess Sets that have made the marketplace over the years, Star Wars came out originally in 1978, so there has been plenty of time for different designs to have been manufactured and sold, to add to the ever-expanding Star Wars chess Set collections.

Picture of Star Wars basic chess set on a table

Star Wars themed chess sets have taken the world by storm in recent years. These beautiful sets are a must-have for any fan of the epic movie franchise, and they make the perfect gift for any chess lover out there. With stunningly detailed pieces and beautiful board designs, these sets are sure to be a hit with anyone who sets eyes on them!

Who Would Want A Star Wars Chess Set?

Three types of people might want to own or receive as a gift a Star Wars Chess set

  1. Chess players who also like Star Wars
  2. Star Wars collectors who like chess too
  3. Chess set collectors

The prime suspect for ownership of a Star Wars chess set would be a Chess player who is also a big Star Wars fan, who like to collect themed items from the film franchise, but perhaps also an avid chess set collector.

What a perfect fit for someone who enjoys both, it’s the ultimate possession for a chess-playing Star Wars fan, surely?

Why Buy a Star Wars Chess Set?

If you are a chess player with an interest in Star Wars, or the Star Wars fan that must have anything Star Wars themed for your ever-expanding collection, why wouldn’t you have a chess set based on the characters of the famous film series?

It is the perfect addition to your collections. Something to display, admire, and even have games of chess on.

Example image of listings on eBay of Star Wars chess sets that increase value as they become less available
Star Wars Chess Sets on eBay

Other collectors, understanding the increasing value of anything based on Star Wars may be looking to purchase this item and place it in safe storage to keep in pristine condition.

Maybe to one day hand down to the family, or make a profit. Items of this nature become more in demand and thus more expensive as examples get rarer and rarer.

One only has to look at the price asked for on sites like eBay for products based on Star Wars that are no longer in production or readily available.

Star Wars Chess Game

star wars chess set

Star Wars fans and chess players alike can enjoy this Star Wars Edition chess game.

Featuring traditional chess gameplay, this edition includes pawns that are modeled after characters from the Star Wars universe, including those featured in the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In this Star Wars Edition chess game, players choose to play as either the light side or the dark side, and strive to capture their opponent’s king.

Featuring Luke Skywalker as the light side king and Darth Vader as the dark side king, this edition allows players to enjoy a classic game of chess with either side of the amazing Star Wars story.

Take control of the light side or the dark side in your quest for victory on this superbly designed chess set.

Talking of beautiful designs….

Royal Selangor Hand Finished Star Wars Collection Pewter Star Wars Classic Chess Set Gift

Star wars chess set made from Pewter with a glass board

This chess set is not going to provide very much change from a large chunk of cash, but what you are buying is expertly created, from pewter and will last a lifetime.

The Star Wars collection is recreated by expert sculptors, bringing contemporary defenders and champions of justice to life.

Each item is handcrafted, with special care taken to the precise detailing of each character

The benefit of using pewter to create this star wars chess set is a lower level of care is required to ensure the look and beauty of each piece. Pewter develops is appearance over time as opposed to other metals which may have surface tarnishing and rust. Pewter improves.

Chess pieces

  • Height: 6cm – 13cm including base
  • Diameter: 3.5cm


  • Height: 2cm
  • Length: 42.5cm
  • Width: 42.5cm


Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia as King and Queen of the white pieces, ready for battle.Brilliantly sculptured, alongside characters from Episode IV, V, and VI including Chewy, Han Solo, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Each piece is between 6cm and 13cm in height.


Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Darth Vader as King and Queen of the black pieces lead the offense of the Dark Side against the Light Side. Each piece is hand finished with remarkable detail.

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